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1. Dog food machine Description:
Jinan Dingrun Machinery base on the market demand,to do R&D of dog food production line for various models and settings.By adjusting raw materials,temperature,moisture and other technical parameters, to make our products with characteristics of unique shape, elegant texture, plenty of nutrients, suitable for the usage of different kinds of dog.
Dog food machine made by Dingrun company can produce various kinds of dog food,dog food, in order to produce high quality specialised dog food, in order to adapt various kinds of dog. Furthermore, this machine can be widely used to produce dog, cat, shrimp, fox,bird and pet food production.
2. Raw materials:
Corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, fish powder, bone powder, fresh bone and meat paste, etc. or to use the corn feeds, rice feeds, wheat feeds directly, then a grains grinder will be added.
3. Flow chart:
4. Model:
DSE65, 70, 85, 90, 95, 100, 120, 130, you could choose according to your capacity requirement.

Model InstalledPower PowerConsumption Output Size
DSE-65 74kw 52kw 140-160kg/hr 17x1.3x2.2(m)
DSE-70 105 kw 75kw 240-260kg/hr 20x1.5x2.2(m)
DSE-85 205kw 150kw 500-600kg/hr 30x1.5x2.6(m)
DSE-90 132kw 75kw 800-1200kg/hr 35x2.5x3.8(m)
DSE-95 165kw 90kw 1500-2000kg/hr 40x3.5x4.5(m)
DSE-130 280kw 132kw 3000-3500kg/hr 45x4.5x6.0(m)
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