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Service commitment

1. Design and production
The company, in the design of the equipment or processing, production stage, widely solicit buyer's opinion, take sufficient considerations of site condition and utility conditions, to make sure equipment quality guarantee while achieving optimization combination.
2. Installation and debugging
Domestic customers: Upon the arrival of the equipment to customer side, we will assign professional technicians to give advice on the equipment installation until normal operation.
Foreign customers: We will run the equipment installation and debugging according to appointed time depends on the mutual negotiation with customers.
3. Quality assurance
The company equipment warranty period is one year, domestic customers: quality assurance period for the unartificial factor of equipment damage, we provide free maintenance, if it is artificial factor of equipment damage, we charge the maintenance cost in time.
Foreign customers: To perform equipment installation and debugging on appointed time, if not needed, will not perform it, the customers bear the related problems.
4. Maintenance&Duration period
Warranty period of equipment damage, domestic customers: after receiving buyer's notification, for enterprises in the province, we will arrive at the scene maintenance in two days, for enterprises outside the province, we will arrive in four days’ time. Foreign clients: according to buyer's requirements, both sides perform negotiation.After the expiry of the warranty period,the service is paid service, and each service we will charge nominal fee.
5. Spare parts supply
The company provide the buyer with high quality, low price spare parts, and provide the related supporting services.



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